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All you need is a bathtub, a few candles, a clean Terry cloth robe for him, a sheer kimono or robe for you and soft music. Go easy on the scented soap but men love bubble bath. For this date you greet your caller dressed nicely and spend a few minutes chatting. Then you excuse yourself to run his bath.

Then you do. You bathe him and then have him get out of the tub and you dry him very carefully and help him into his robe. Pleasure ensues. A poised, beautiful woman on your arm lets you travel in style. And knowing your evening will have a perfect, hot, happy ending makes showing her off all the more fun.

Here a good haircut, nicely done nails and a pretty, demure, little black cocktail dress are all you need.

Tips on writing an effective escort ad | Skip the games

Targeted at the visiting businessman, this is the sort of date which appeals to older, more established, gentlemen. It is a ride in the Mercedes. So there are five variants: The critical thing about offering a premium experience is that you need to be comfortable with whichever persona you take on.

For each variant a quick, evocative, picture is a great idea. However, for the men who are into retro lingerie or a bit of light dominantion without calling it that finding a provider who caters to their needs is a huge plus. Leave them up. The objective with themed dates is to expand your business and attract clients who would not, usually, respond to your regular advertising. You want potential clients to know you are out of the ordinary: If they start there they will not be surprised at the price and will be generous with the tip. It is not an experience most men will understand; but the ones who do will keep you busy and very well paid.

Skip the games. Get satisfaction.

Find escorts. I am a Man Woman Couple. Please enter city or area. Skip the games 5 themed escort session ideas with ad templates Escorting is a competitive business. Headline 1: For local customers coming up with unique experiences can pay big dividends, a few suggestions: Headline 2: Headline 3: A good way to illustrate this idea is to show you an ad which is exactly wrong,. Overweight woman offers rushed experience on dirty sheets in a terry cloth housecoat.

Waste some time with me. Curvy lady provides perfect service in her designer sheets and pretty peignoir. Part of what distinguishes an escort from a hooker is atmosphere and how she presents herself. While sex is certainly implied it is not the only attraction. All sorts of men hire escorts. But a smart escort does not want all sorts of men, she wants the sort of men who will pay well, be respectful and, ideally, become regulars. Your advertising sorts the sheep from the goats. Who is your preferred customer? In any market there are preferred customers.

How to craft up-market escort ads that work

If you gear your advertising toward the segment of the market you prefer that segment will respond. Of course the more narrowly you focus your advertising the more you reduce your potential pool of clients. But that may actually make you more money for less work. It is also pretty intimidating for all those men who have never had it unless they paid for it. You need the right bait. But you also need to stand out. Rule 3 — Set the mood then set the hook — the headline is about getting his attention.

You want him to click for the full story. Rule 5 — Test your headlines. See which brings you the business you want. Rinse, repeat.

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At this stage a man will want to have some idea of the experience he might have. Who are you, where are you, what do you offer — getting all that in a few lines means thinking carefully about what you are really in business to do and why a client should pay you top dollar to do it. If you think about an hour or two hour date, unless a man is sexually insatiable, a great deal of you time will not be expressly sexual at all. In fact, much of your time will be about conversation, flirting, teasing and, eventually, sex. The setting: Clients, even men who have been using escorts for years, are naturally suspicious and more than a little wary.

You may not have a high end apartment but there are plenty of other mood setters you can mention. Here are a few — clean, discreet, private, cosy, calm, peaceful. First, what do you look like? Remember, being honest avoids issues down the road.

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Great words are just a little vague: But here, less is, very definitely, more. A couple of examples: No hurry.

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The point of the pitch is to make your service sound deeply appealing to your target market. Which means locking on to the particular fantasy life of that market. Now, the further up market you aim the less explicit your advertising needs to be. Can suck chrome off trailer hitch, drug and disease free. Outcalls only.

Laid to Order: Male Escorts Advertising on the Internet

I am at home in a pretty Tahari cocktail dress or a perfectly fitted pair of Ralph Lauren jeans, Louboutin pumps with that arch red sole or old Frye boots — Name of luxe restaurant or name of great sports bar. Reading about the brands that their daughters might buy interests the affluent and it will subtly tell the rest they are out of your league. No, really. It is astonishing the number of escort ads which lamely end with a phone number. A little wit helps a lot:. Every variant has a call to do something: Try to sound friendly, inviting and just a little funny.

A Male Prostitute Answers 19 Questions About His Job

This is a bit like calling a girl for a date and that is a high stress thing for a lot of men. Of course you can use a selfie… but not the first one you take and not in your bathroom so we can all see your messy sink. You need to think really carefully about what you want your picture to say about you and your environment. A few basics:. For independent escorts advertising is just one piece of a larger marketing effort — a website, social media and Google all play a part.

Critically, all your marketing needs to have the same target, the same style and the same message. Understanding your preferred market segment and tailoring your message, look, style and story to that segment will mean you are working smart rather than hard. Great advertising is part of a great marketing campaign. Skip the games. Get satisfaction. Find escorts.